Wacky Walters Adventures

In 2018 – “That Guy” Wacky (Gary) Walters has teamed up with Confidence Learning Center’s Executive Director, Jeff Olson to bring “Healthy Confidence” to everyone they can! Both have ambitious goals to get as healthy as possible, while raising money for Camp Confidence, Kids Against Hunger and Brainerd Public School’s Foundation.


Through healthy activities, challenges and adventures, the 9 month adventure will start on March 1 and end in December. Follow the adventure at www.ThatGuyAdventures.org – JOIN a team to get healthy together and raise money.


Raising funds will happen in different ways through partnerships and pledging. You can pledge to Wacky Walters team or Ole’s Team. Both teams are working towards a $20,000 fundraising goal! Wacky Walters is also working towards losing 100 pounds, will Ole is working towards 50 pounds lost. Follow the adventure and JOIN IN to gain “Healthy Confidence”!


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