Rotary Cabin

The Rotary cabin is located at the entrance of the lower parking lot. Its modern construction design features an accessible layout. The Rotary is actually two cabins in one building, with an internal stairway connecting the two levels. Groups may reserve both levels if needed. The upper level is at ground level with the lower level accessible via a switchback sidewalk going down hill when entering. Three bedrooms and two large bathrooms on each level (cabin). The cabin is best suited for large groups or groups with high accessibility needs. It has wood & electric heat. The lower level bathrooms serve as storm shelter. A new fire pit is now located behind the cabin.

2013-08-04 22.46.12
2013-08-04 22.53.05
Rotary Up Bathroom 2
2013-08-04 22.47.44
2013-08-04 22.52.41
Sleeps 12 per level

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