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Confidence Learning Center is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that receives no local, state or federal funding. Camp operates successfully because of the generosity of its many supporters. People just like you!


Your membership at Confidence Learning Center entitles you to receive a membership card and an invitation to our annual meeting. You can be proud that you are helping a great organization continue to provide outdoor education and recreation to persons of all ages with developmental and cogitive disabilities and opportunities for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

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Dear Camp Confidence Member;

Thank you for being a continued member of Confidence Learning Center. It is your kindness and generosity that helps Campers return year after year.

I was introduced to Camp Confidence in 2007 when relocating to the Brainerd Lakes area.  I did not grasp, at the time, the impact that Camp Confidence had on the campers lives, or the impact it would have on my life.  I worked with Camp Confidence through the local Jaycees Chapter, and by the end of 2010 began working part time planning events for “Camp”.  In the process of my new career, the impact of Camp became a very clear, as to the meaningful experiences for Campers and their entire families.  The Camp experience for my life’s journey also started to appear…..

In 2013, I married a wonderful man and became a step-mother to two beautiful children, with very different abilities. I have been blessed with truly co-parenting, as I share my parenting responsibility with my  husband, his ex wife, and her long time boyfriend. We are The Parents. Our son, Josh, who is on the autism spectrum, visits Camp with one or all of our family members. He is an inquisitive fast talking young man, but is immediately quieted and in awe of Camp. He loves being at Camp, learning from the staff in the animal sanctuary, going on a treasure hunt, or when he turns the tables and leads staff on a tour of counting dumpsters (Josh loves garbage trucks).  There is a sense of peace that washes over him when he arrives at Camp.  In our blended life, Camp has become “our place”.  We have abilities of all kinds in our immediate family of 12, so to have a place where we can be free from worry, and encouraged to be ourselves is absolutely priceless.

I am extremely proud of our staff and the Camp Confidence Organization, and I am blessed to have found my place within this talented group of individuals. Please share Camp Confidence Learning Center with others, pass on my story and continue your Membership in 2018.  Thank you for your support!


Sarah Smith, Marketing & Special Events Coordinator

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