The intern program at Confidence Learning Center is an extensive, well-planned and very encompassing experience. The student intern becomes a member of the program staff with the same status, privileges and responsibilities as other CLC staff members. NCTRS internships are no longer available.




To begin with, the intern will receive orientation and training on CLC’s history, philosophy, purpose, goals and objectives. Throughout the internship, the student will meet periodically with the Executive Director to discuss the many aspects involved in running a non-profit agency including  news media affairs, budget and financing, promotional and fundraising events, administration, maintenance, and master planning. The intern will attend various meetings, banquets or other community affairs as a CLC representative. Daily contact with the campers will enable the intern to act as a resource person and suggest activities, teach skills or lead groups in a variety of activities under the supervision of experienced professionals. The intern will receive regular counseling, guidance and advise on his/her performance.

Since Confidence Learning Center welcomes many different campers each day, this exposure will enable the intern to gain valuable insight into areas of interest, comfort levels with conditions, and different types of agencies.  The intern will also be able to observe many different levels of disability, techniques used in working with each, and various motivational skills. The internship is an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of recreational programs, to accept challenges, to discover and develop one’s own personal strengths, to work on and reduce weaknesses, and to apply knowledge and theory from classroom courses.

Confidence Learning Center realizes each intern has different skill levels, experiences and interests and strives to individualize the experience. For this reason, the CLC intern program encourages work on some kind of special project. The intern may discuss the possibilities on the nature of the project with the Camp Director.

At the completion of the internship, the intern will have worked with several different campers, professionals, and counselors who have accompanied the groups. Each camper, professional, counselor and CLC staff member will contribute to making the internship an enjoyable and beneficial learning experience on both a personal and professional level.

1. Students should be enrolled in a college or university taking this experience for college credit.
2. Current Red Cross first aid, CPR, and advanced lifesaving certificates are recommended.
3. The desire to work with special populations.
4. Outdoor skills and/or camping experience are recommended.

INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE   Confidence Learning Center will work with students and universities to accommodate individual needs and requirements within the boundaries and overall structure of the Confidence Learning Center program. It is the responsibility of the student to complete all task as assigned by the college or university in a timely manner.

The following are areas  of Confidence Learning Center that will be made available to the internship student. Within the first week of the internship, a schedule and time line for the internship will be completed by the student and intern supervisor. It will be the responsibility of the student to update and make changes to this schedule as needed.

1. Orientation to Confidence Learning Center 
a. Meet staff
b. Office procedures
c. Review policy manual – sign acknowledgement of rules and regulations
d. Tour of facility and specific program equipment
e. Review of scheduling procedure and use policies
f. In-service training of program activities and equipment

2. Program – Direct Leadership 
a. Day camper/groups leadership
b. Overnight camper/group leadership
c. Special Event/Rendezvous leadership

3. Attend Meetings 
a. Daily organizational meetings with program staff
b. Weekly briefing with intern supervisor
c. Weekly all staff meetings
d. Monthly Board meetings
e. Midterm evaluation
f. Final evaluation

4. Budget Review 
a. Review budget with Executive Director
b. Review revenue analysis with Executive Director
c. Review purchasing procedure with Executive Director

5. Personnel Procedures 
a. Review of Staff Policy manual
b. Review of organizational flow chart
c. Hiring process

6. Department Orientation 
a. Administration 
1. Full day with Executive Director
2. Full day with Office Manager
b. Fundraising 
1. Full day with fundraising personnel – review of current fund raisers
2. Review of funding sources (United Way, grants)
c. Funding – Charitable Gambling –
1. Half day with Charitable Gambling Manager
d. Maintenance – Facility operations 
1. Review of site risk manual
2. Review of ACA accreditation manual
3. Full day with Maintenance Director
e. Promotions / Marketing 
1. Attend community events to promote CLC program and facilities
2. Attend service club meetings as they relate to CLC
3. Provide information to the public as requested

Confidence Learning Center provides a wealth of experiences in many different areas.  Interns are encouraged to expand upon and participate in areas of interest.  Interns may become an integral part of a fund raising event or assist with contribution requests.

As many colleges and universities require a special project be completed by the internship student, all interns at CLC are asked to complete a special project within one of the above six (6) areas. The project must be presented to and approved by the intern supervisor prior to initiation of the project.

To apply please contact Camp Director, Bob Slaybaugh – 218-828-2344 or

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