A Letter from the Borgerding Family

We want to introduce you to the Borgerding Family:

Brian & Kathy, along with their 10 children (ranging from ages 9-23), have fast become a part of our Camp Family. A few of their beautiful children have special needs – and more importantly a special place in the hearts of anyone who has the chance to meet them. This is just a small part of their story (in their words) of how Camp has become a much needed respite from every day life.

Seven years ago, we adopted from Haiti our beautiful little girl, Daphnee. She is our delight, yet in saying that we learned a great deal about disabilities. Daphnee is Hearing impaired, Autistic and non-verbal. Two years later we adopted from Florida our AriYanna. She is our Princess. She has Cerebral Palsy, and is very limited with movement. AriYanna is in a wheelchair and also needs 24/7 care.  She is very smart and always wants to do activities that her older brothers do. Camp makes that possible for our little girl. Special Needs was new to our family and we no longer traveled or went camping.

 One day while attending an appointment at Gillette’s Childrens at Brainerd, someone told us about the camp. We decided to swing in and see; We were so Blessed by the greeting of the Camp Leaders. They shared how our daughter could go on a pontoon and glass bottom boat. They had Hospital beds so she could sleep and have handicap showers. WOW. They had an AMAZING STAFF, that looked her in the eye’s and shared what it would be like to visit camp.

  We have now attend Camp a handful of times and all season. Camp has given our family a BREATH that we so badly need. Our sons that are now 11 and 14 have enjoyed fishing, the Nature Center and so much more. Being able to be together as a family is wonderful.  When we get scheduled to stay everyone gets to enjoy their favorite thing. Our Daphnee who always runs away from family during any activity is so in love with the animal sanctuary, she will sit and feed animals and watch them. During some of her time at camp the staff is aware of her needs and help the family keep her safe.

 Confidence Learning Center is so much more than its name. To see children and adults from group home settings without family is heart breaking. Yet to see Confidence Staff love them is truly Amazing.

We Thank Confidence Learning Center for their knowledge and Care and YOU; a continued member and supporter!

We have been Blessed,

Brian and Kathy Borgerding Family

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